Thanks to everyone for your patience and continued support while we have been in the process of organizing ourselves to be able to accept donations in a proper and transparent manner.  In order to avoid some of the pitfalls that we have observed with other well-intentioned people,  we have wanted to proceed carefully to make sure everything is done "by the book."

Because we are "roadies" and moving around and working on other projects, we have arranged to have an established non-profit - the Alpine Institute - act as an overseer of our nonprofit monies and accounting.  Six cents of every dollar we receive goes to the Alpine Institute for administrative costs to act as our fiduciary agent, while the other 94 cents go directly towards the projects we undertake.

This means that we have a long-term non-profit partner that will manage our bank account, create and maintain accounting books, and keep Just a Bunch of Roadies in compliance with all federal and state laws governing non-profit organizations.  All your donations are 100% tax deductible, and you will be sent a receipt for tax purposes.

When donating to Just a Bunch of Roadies, please make your check payable to: ALPINE INSTITUTE

Please note "Just a Bunch of Roadies" on the memo line of your check, so that our account can be properly credited for all donations.

Please mail checks to:
Just a Bunch of Roadies
3001 E Mississippi Avenue
Denver, CO 80210

Tax deductible EIN#: 74-2235579
*note: we are presently only able to take donations via check.  We are working to enable online donations in the coming months, and will update the site when that is possible.

Our ultimate goal is to become a fully independent non-profit organization, and the Alpine Institute will guide us on our way to that status, while counseling us to make sure we do not make any missteps in terms of financial transparency and legal compliance. 

The Alpine Institute is another Colorado-based non-profit with a proven track record of guiding other startup non-profits toward independent operations.  In the meantime, we feel strongly that this is the best and most legally advisable way to keep Just a Bunch of Roadies moving in the right direction and to manage your donations with the utmost care and transparency.

After a long delay, the Just a Bunch of Roadies website has finally relaunched.  This new format will allow for more frequent updates on our work and collaborations with other organizations as we are in the process of formally registering Just a Bunch of Roadies as a standalone organization.

Thank you for your continued interest and support, and stay tuned for more information about our work.
Charlie Hernandez was recently honored as "Humanitarian of the Year" at the Tour Link 2011 Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Charlie was recognized for his work over the past year with Just a Bunch of Roadies.  In his acceptance speech, and in a panel discussion on "Ethical Touring," Charlie spoke about ways that the concert and live entertainment industry can have a positive impact while moving their shows around the world.
Based on feedback from the recent Tour Link Conference and within our industry community, the slogan "Just a Bunch of Roadies" has such appeal that we are in the process of officially registering the organization under that name and phasing out the use of Roadie Relief.