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JABOR is monitoring the situation with Project CURE about the best time to move in with supplies to restock destroyed clinIcs/hospitals. 

Project CURE has several partners on the ground and are awaiting assesments. Fortunately their main partner that they have worked with many times, Patan Hospital, is still standing and able to function. The main problem is keeping all patients on the main floor as a precaution with the aftershocks that are continuing but they will be compiling product needs when the immediate chaos is past..  


Helping Hands out of Boulder, Colorado is requesting assistance from Project CURE and a surgical group out of Washington DC. They are still assessing needs. 


The Nepal government has prioritized the use of its airport  (which only has 8 slots for planes and no wide body aircraft allowed) as follows:

  • Search and rescue

  • Food and Shelter

  • Medical and other support


So right now we are getting updates on the status and most likely we will join in an effort to ship some sea containers to rebuild and restock medical centers in and around Katmandu, but that is not solid right now. 


Shipping time would be 45 days on ocean and then transfer from Calcutta to Kathmandu by ground.


If anyone would like to donate we will make sure the aid eventually gets there. Please know we are looking ahead as third wave of response. Not first or second responder situation due to the logistics of where Nepal is - 7,000 miles from the US. We are not in an efficient position to rush in, especially with air freight. We would be in the way and the costs are astronomical. We feel we can better assist in the ongoing and long term situation especially in the medical arena since we work so closely with Project CURE


If the shipments from Project CURE do not materialize we will donate all Nepal marked funds directly to one of the organizations mentioned above.

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