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Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines in November of 2013. As the news of massive destruction unfolded, we took action. We made calls to people and organizations that had existing relationships with us to find medical supplies, antibiotics and other vital medicines. $210,000 worth of antibiotics and other medicine were sent. Ten 45-foot sea containers were sent with powdered baby formula and clean water to mix, and two 45-foot sea containers were sent containing medical hardware. 300 One World Futbols were delivered to ChildFund International, and 1,000 solar-powered lights were distributed to the shelter camps set up in the immediate aftermath. 

We continue to assist with medical deliveries. Rock-It Cargo delivered five pallets of antibiotics via air freight to Bethany Hospital in Tacloban City. Bethany Hospital was able to reach ten barangays (villages or wards) in their two-day medical mission in Southern Leyte (a province), using Project C.U.R.E. equipment and supplies.  

The Philippines

By 2013, our partnerships made it easy to act once news of the disaster in the Philippines broke. There was no question that we would get involved, as it was the exact kind of situation that we work on.


Thank you to APR Energy, Air Link, Project C.U.R.E., and Rock-It Cargo. Thank you also to the myriad Minnesota medical and pharmaceutical professionals, and to the hospital workers union in New York, who helped access and coordinate medicine distribution. Without them the mission would not have been successful. 

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