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After the 2012 Olympics, London’s organizing committee had 320 beds and mattresses that needed to find their way to medical facilities in developing countries. Tait Technologies' designers had created the beds intending for them to be donated after the Olympics, and had JABOR in mind to help.

We in turn had Project C.U.R.E. in mind to ask where the greatest need would be. They said Tunisia. In a matter of days Tait and our group stripped the beds of their lights, batteries and wiring from the production, organized shipping, and delivered them straight to Hospital Habis Burguiba de Medenine and Hospital de Taouine. 


The existing relationship with Tait Towers was the catalyst for this project. To find a place for the beds, we decided to contact Project C.U.R.E. They replied that Tunisia was in need and identified Hospital Habis Burguiba specifically.


Thank you to Project C.U.R.E., Rock-It Cargo, and Tait Towers.

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