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We welcome donations to support our work, and they are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. We typically have them deposited to a savings account, and use it to cover costs for international projects that are not directly taken care of (for example, if we had gotten the plane for the flights to Haiti but not the jet fuel, money would have gone to cover that cost). We also use our funds to support local projects, such as the ICA Food Shelf expansion in Excelsior, MN. 

Send a Check

Checks can be made out to Just a Bunch of Roadies, and mailed to:
3001 E Mississippi Avenue
Denver, CO 80210 
Attention Lori Tierney

Wire Money

If you would like to wire money, please contact us to arrange this.

Donate via PayPal

The below link will re-direct you to our PayPal page.

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