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In 2010 Pakistan faced a devastating state emergency after a flood left approximately one fifth of the country under water. Hunger became an even more urgent problem. We collaborated with local organizations in Wisconsin, facilitating the movement of three containers of meals to Karachi for distribution throughout the affected areas. Local volunteers completed meal packing events in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. In one night alone, they packed 60,000 meals (totaling 120,000 pounds of food) to give nourishment to thousands of hungry children. 


We got involved when a member of the Madison Relief Foundation contacted Charlie. Worldwide Hunger Relief and Madison Relief Fund had the resources to access food staples and gather volunteers to pack the meals, but needed an experienced organization who could successfully transport the meals from the Midwestern US to Pakistan. 


We worked with Worldwide Hunger Relief, Inc. based in Waukesha, WI, and Madison Relief Organization, based in Madison, WI to pack and ship meals.

Worldwide Hunger Relief, Inc. is a group of local citizens who focus on alleviating child hunger. Madison Relief Organization began as part of the Meals For Haiti initiative in 2010. While the group no longer operates, it focused at the time on promoting the wellbeing of people and their communities through charitable donations, fundraising, and volunteer assistance. Both are 501(c)3 organizations. 

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