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Charlie Hernandez started in the touring music industry as a roadie himself, eventually creating his own production management company, QED Productions. He works with some of the biggest artists in the industry. Known for his incredible skills as a coordinator and problem solver, over the years Charlie has cultivated many important relationships that have become the key ingredients for JABOR's success. True to the roadie point of view, he sees himself as part of a larger community effort to which everyone contributes, rather than a singular leader of a group. 


Lori Tierney operates largely behind the scenes. She has 30 years experience in the live touring music industry and also took time out to pursue a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management. Right after she received her degree, Charlie invited her to assist with a show in Kuala Lumpur to benefit the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. Missing the "can-do" attitude, timelines and skills that exist on every level of entertaiment production, she accepted. It was there that she and Charlie hit on the idea for JABOR. 

Charlie and Lori
The Roadies

Roadies rock. When their work speaks so well for them, that's all that needs to be said. 

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